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22nd March 2012 – Victoire Ingabire’s political trial adjourned for a constitutional review on genocide ideology laws

Kigali, 22 March 2012 The High Court has been adjourned to 2nd April 2012 to allow the political trial of the opposition leader Madame Victoire Ingabire to prepare for the Supreme Court Constitutional review starting on 27 March 2012, at 08:00. On 07 March 2012, Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza filed a petition for the constitutional …

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7th March 2012 – Political prisoner Victoire Ingabire challenges ultra vires laws in the Kangaroo process

Kigali, 07 March 2012. Today, the political prisoner Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, imprisoned leader of FDU-INKINGI, has petitioned the Rwandan Supreme Court to challenge the constitutionality of ultra vires aspects of articles 2 to 9 of the LAW N°18/2008 OF 23/07/2008 RELATING TO THE PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE IDEOLOGY because they are not in …

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Ingabire engaged Rwandan senate committee on the plight of political prisoners

Kigali, 09 January 2012 On Friday 06 January 2012, some members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security, accepted a few live questions from prisoners inside the Kigali Central Prison. The political prisoner Ms. Victoire Ingabire, FDU-INKINGI Chair, engaged the Senators on the plight of political prisoners in Rwandaand urged them to promote laws granting …

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